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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a background in slider Revolution?

A "background" in Slider Revolution is a type of layer that is always present in every module, and is always visually behind all other layers. A background can be transparent, a flat color, a gradient, an image, or a video.

What is the full-screen button for YouTube in Revolution Slider?

So, the controls will include a Full-Screen button for Youtube in Revolution Slider. ON: Slide will immediately change as soon as the video ends. OFF: If the video’s length is less than the slide’s delay, the slide will not change until the delay time has been reached.

What can I do with slider Revolution?

Once you purchase Slider Revolution you will be able to use any of those templates for your next design project. Slider Revolution is one of the most popular sliders on the market, used by over 10K+ clients worldwide, making the most beautiful slides both for beginners and professionals.

Why do I have a blank space on my slider slider slider?

But depending on the video’s original size ratio in relation to the slider’s actual size, blank space on the sides of the video may occur by adding youtube to the revolution slider. ON = Video will have a CSS background size of “cover”.

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