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Frequently Asked Questions

Is slider Revolution free?

These templates are part of premium themes but you can download them for free. Slider Revolution is a perfect tool that has helped more than 280,000 clients around the world. Most of the premium themes have this slider included like our themes too. Do you have difficulties using the Slider Revolution?

Why choose slider Revolution WordPress themes for your website?

Not only will the best Slider Revolution WordPress themes help you to save money due to the inclusion of this commercial plugin, but they also come complete with a selection of pre-built slideshows for your website.

How do I add a slider Revolution design to my site?

What’s more, adding a Slider Revolution design to your site requires no technical skills. Simply use your WordPress block editor, the Slider Revolution shortcode, or a custom block available through major themes to add your new design to the page! Where can I go for support?

Does slider Revolution work with WooCommerce?

Slider Revolution is compatible with all WordPress themes. The same is true for WordPress’s most popular and powerful plugins — like WooCommerce. Slider Revolution is the perfect complement to whatever it is you want to build. Will using one of these templates affect my site speed?

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