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Frequently Asked Questions

What is slider Revolution?

Slider Revolution gives us an option to choose a separate transition for the first slide that comes in, and different ones for the slides that follow. This helps set the first slide apart as a sort of introduction.

What is the animation timeline in slider Revolution?

Luckily, Slider Revolution provides a great animation tool called the Animation Timeline. It can be found right below our work frame. You’ll see that the default frame start value for each layer is set to 0 milliseconds. This means that each layer will appear onscreen 0 milliseconds after your page loads.

Can you add a video to slider Revolution?

You can add YouTube Video slides, Vimeo Video slides, etc. Adding a video to Slider Revolution requires a whole separate article, so I’ll skip it for now. But I’ll be back with more on that in the near future.

How to create static elements in Revolution Slider?

Here is my detailed answer for Revolution Slider ver 4.6.93 that I am using: On your Slider General Settings find an option "Enable Static Layers" and turn it on, then click Save Settings At the bottom of the page you should now see "Edit Static/Global Layers" button. Click this button and create static elements there.

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