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Frequently Asked Questions

What is slider Revolution?

Slider Revolution gives us an option to choose a separate transition for the first slide that comes in, and different ones for the slides that follow. This helps set the first slide apart as a sort of introduction.

What is the default slider duration?

Slider Revolution is a powerful plugin with tons of options that can often be confusing to navigate. But with our beginners guide to Slider Revolution you’ll be creating beautiful sliders in no time. ... Under Module General Options > Defaults, you will see that the default slide duration is set to 9000ms.

How do I change the duration of a slide?

Go to the Module General Options tab in the sidebar, and into the Defaults sub-section: In the Default Basics panel, find the Slide Duration option: Then add a custom value in milliseconds, e.g: 5000ms = 5 seconds.

How to install slider Revolution plugin?

Click on Begin installing plugins. In the list of plugins, check the box next to Slider Revolution and click the Install button. Once the plugin has been installed, you will see a notification that says Plugin installed successfully. It’s time to return to the required plugins installer.

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