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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Skype?

Skype is a software application that allows people to have a spoken conversation (either as a phone call or a video conference) with another person over the Internet. In addition to its VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) functionality you can also send instant messages, send files and images, and share contacts.

What platforms is Skype available on?

Skype is available for pretty much any platform you can imagine, including xBox and Alexa. This version is for Windows. Is there a better alternative? There are lots of alternatives, but not all are standalone VoIP apps like Skype.

How many people can join a Skype conference call?

The information in this guide applies to all versions of Skype. You can have up to 50 participants on an audio conference call, including yourself. The maximum number of video streams you can have on a call varies depending on the platform and device you use.

What is the future of Skype?

Aside from the plethora of new features and functionalities, one thing is certain: Skype has been replaced by Microsoft Teams. This video-calling app has become widely used and loved in the pandemic period of 2020 and will be integrated into Windows 11 as a default app. At the same time, Skype will lose this feature.

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