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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is University of Skövde located?

The University of Skövde (in Swedish: Högskolan i Skövde, HIS) is a state university in Skövde, Sweden. The University of Skövde was granted university status in 1983 and is now an academic institution with general and specialised educational programmes in topics like Business, Health, Biomedicine and Computer game design.

How to apply to the University of Skovde?

Students can apply through the official Swedish university application portal with an application fee of 900 SEK. The University of Skovde has a total of 5 academic departments offering programs in Behavioral Sciences, Bioscience, Engineering & Technology, Game Development, Health Sciences, Informatics and Skills Development.

What is the University of Skövde Master's scholarship?

The University of Skövde Master's Scholarship will be awarded if a master's program at the University of Skövde is chosen as first priority on University Admissions. International students need to complete the application to the program meeting all deadlines for the master's first admission round.

Why study computer games at Skövde University?

Something that has contributed to establishing Skövde and the university as a hub for Swedish computer game development with initiatives like Sweden Game Arena, and for research and development in IT with initiatives like the start-up incubator Gothia Science Park, considered to be an interface for science and local business.

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