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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Skövde?

Skövde is situated some 150 km northeast of Gothenburg, between Sweden's two largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern. It lies on the eastern slope of a low mountain ridge, Billingen (304 m ), which cuts through the plain between the lakes.

Who are IFK Skövde?

Skövde's handball team play at the highest level for both males and females. IFK Skövde has more recently competed in handball's elite series (Elitserie) and 2005 saw the men compete in the final against Sävehof.

What to do in Skövde?

The 1989 World Orienteering Championships were held in Skövde. The 2002 edition of O-Ringen was also held in Skövde. Skövde Airport is located approximately 10 km from Skövde. Currently there are no scheduled flights, however there is an active flying club, gliding club and at least one corporate jet is based at Skövde.

What happened to Skövde?

In 1520 the first documented setback took place for Skövde. The Danish King, Kristian II, undertook his third military campaign against Sweden. One of the Danish armies swept through Västergötland (Western Götland) and burned down Skövde, Falköping, Skara and Bogesund (now Ulricehamn ).

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