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Frequently Asked Questions

What is book The Cook on Singapore Airlines?

Book The Cook is a special service offered by Singapore Airlines for passengers flying in Premium Economy, Business Class, First Class and Suites out of Singapore and selected outstations. Singapore Airlines does not provide photos of what each dish looks like, probably because the appearance can vary significantly depending on seasonality.

What is 'book The Cook' on United Airlines?

'Book the Cook' is offered in Suites, First Class and Business Class for flights above 1.5 hours flight time and for all meal services except for Continental Breakfast and Refreshment. 'Book the Cook' service is temporarily suspended for Premium Economy Class due to regulations.

What are the best meals on Singapore Airlines flights?

One of the popular lunch dishes on flights from Singapore is the marinated roast duck (it's soaked in a mix of dark soy sauce, spices and Chinese rice wine) with fragrant yam rice. This superb beef fillet is one of the first class supper options on SQ flights from London to Singapore.

What is the book The Cook service?

This service is available for flights in Suites/First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy on certain routes. Using the Book the Cook service at least 24 hours before departure will allow the selected item to be served as the main course of the inflight menu.

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