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Frequently Asked Questions

What does cc mean in the Sims?

In the new updated version of sims, the cc stands for collect o coins. You can collect them from buildings and some houses. You can also collect them when you complete a woodworking task.

How do I Change my Sims skin color?

first t do this: press CTRL,SHIFT, and "c" together. then type in this in the blueish rectangle at the top: testingcheatsenabled on ... then choose the person you want to change skin tone on on the sim while pressing shift. then options will appear and just click : edit sim in create a sim. Then you can change their skin colour.

What is skin CC?

A “CC” cream stands for “color corrective” and contains a skin-brightening primer, light foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging ingredients, and sometimes collagen boosters. The BB cream tends to be a bit heavier and better for dry skin, with a focus on prevention and maintenance, whereas the CC cream tends to be a tad lighter (so better for acne-prone skin) and focuses on concealing existing issues.

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