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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there elf ears for Sims 4?

Elf ears for Sims 4. Elf ears for Sims 4 Elf ears are complete. Useable with all skins, skin colors and overlays. Important: Only ring version is ALLOWED for RANDOM sims for both child and adult versions, others are NOT...

Does this CC set come with cat ears and a tail?

Ergo, this awesome CC set – still by NotEgain – comes with both cat ears and a cat tail. There are four variations of the tail in total, and each variation comes in 19 different colors.

Can you look like a cat in Sims 4 Without Ears?

It can be said that the ears are the most defining feature of a cat. And judging from the generic Halloween costumes being sold online, this rings true. There’s simply no way for your Sim to look like a cat without this pair of CC, and frankly, they’re ten times more flattering than human ears.

What is the Sims 4 cc set?

This amazing CC set adds that traditional outfit to the game, which falls much more in line with Sims 4 content. And it seems to slide right into the bodies of your created characters.

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