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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CC bed in Sims 4?

That’s What She Bed This humorously-named CC collection was designed to help young Sim parents give their offspring enough space without moving to a bigger home. Among other furniture and decorations, this bedroom set includes a double bunk bed. This way a set of twins can share the same room without taking up all the floor space.

What is the best bed for Sims 4?

50+ CC Double Beds for The Sims 4 to Make Your Sim’s Bedroom Beautiful. 1 1. AC Inspiration Bed by Jomsims. The first bed on this list is a gorgeous four poster bed that comes in a variety of wood swatches and has this ... 2 2. Acsventsy Bed by Jomsims. 3 3. Agata Bed by Severinka. 4 4. Alisha Bed by Severinka. 5 5. Amola Bed by Ung999. More items

Can I get veranka's double bed mattress in Sims 4 cc?

So since I am brand new to the world of Sims 4 CC, I decided to start off with a simple recolour of Veranka’s Double Bed Mattress which you can find here! YOU NEED THE... My Sims 4 Blog: Bedding for the Boys - Mattress and Frame Recolors...

How many items are in a CC set Sims 4?

This tasteful creation comprises seven items, including a double bed, a thick blanket, and a convenient bed bench. Plus the simple clothes rack and sober colors make this CC set ideal for a busy Sim with a good eye for aesthetics.

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