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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a wedding venue lot in the Sims 4?

With the release of My Wedding Stories for The Sims 4, EA has added a new lot type to the base game: wedding venues. In addition to complementing all the new marriage-centric gameplay with the new pack, the arrival of wedding venue lots opens up opportunities for all Sims players to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for their sims’ big day.

What is more buyable venues mod Sims 4?

More Buyable Venues mod by LittleMsSam fills the venue functionality gap in The Sims 4. It will allow you to create new venue types that are fully functional, especially when other mods are added. Every functional venue I’ve created requires More Buyable Venues Mod.

What can you expect from the Sims 4 mod?

Now let’s talk about what you can expect from this mod. The first thing to be aware of in this mod is the fact that you can buy nearly all existing venues in Sims 4. These range from bars to museums, from clubs to parks. Here is a full list of the default venues you can buy with this mod!

Where is the mods folder in Sims 4?

The Mods folder is located in your Sims 4 installation folder. And lastly, you’ll need to enable script mods and CC inside your game settings. An important note – this mod isn’t compatible with other similar venues mods, except Zerbu’s Venue List! So make sure you delete any similar extensions before downloading this one!

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