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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your goals in Sims 4?

Reward Traits, Satisfaction Totals, and Milestone Summaries. The Sims 4's Aspirations are life goals that Sims may select, allowing them to complete a checklist of objectives to earn Satisfaction that may be spent toward Rewards. Unlike TS3's Lifetime Wishes, you may change your Aspiration at any time by pressing 'G' and going to the menu.

What is the Sims 4 Island Challenge?

Sims 4 - Challenge: Survival Island. The Story. A ship has been wrecked by a terrible storm. The next morning, six Sims who barely know each other wake up on a little deserted island.

What are The Sims 4 games?

The Sims 4 is a simulation game that lets players create new Sims with intelligence and emotion.

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