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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sims 4 hair cc?

Whether you want to get groovy curves on your character or gain light-colored hairs for kid characters, some fantastic Sims 4 hair cc allows you to experiment with your character’s hairs. When hair cc is combined with clothing mods, you can get even more creative with your character’s looks.

Where can I find Sims 4 clothing?

But I recommend you to visit our general Sims 4 clothing catalog. There you can see each category of clothing CC, including categories such as Princess CC, Korean CC, Cheerleader CC, Armor CC, school uniforms, maid uniforms, jeans with a complex color palette, and much much more.

Are there different types of CC on Sims 4?

But the CC community of the Sims 4 has taken the game to the next level. As you might already know, there are different types of CC available, each with its own unique purpose and user experience. And we can’t even begin to name the amazing ton of Sims 4 CC creators that always bring forth new content to us.

How to get rid of bad CCC in Sims 4?

The best way to get rid of bad cc in Sims 4 is to use Mod Check or Tray Importer and find which cc cause problems in your game. Both apps are easy to use and will solve your problem 100%. But you can also delete custom content one at a time to check which ones are bad in your case.

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