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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Silence Suzuka?

Silence Suzuka ( Japanese : サイレンススズカ, (May 1, 1994 - November 1, 1998) was a Japanese Thoroughbred racehorse who won the Grade I Takarazuka Kinen in 1998. In the same year, his career and life were cut short by an injury suffered during the running of the 1998 Tenno Sho .

Who is Silence Suzuka in Uma Musume pretty Derby?

Silence Suzuka was the inspiration for a main character of the same name in the 2018 anime Uma Musume Pretty Derby . Silence Suzuka was unbeatable on the turf from 7 furlongs to 10 furlongs, and in 1998 year he was one of the greatest turf racehorses.

What is the end of Silence Suzuka's Tenno Sho Autumn?

The ends of Silence Suzuka's Tenno Sho Autumn are different by the story. In the anime, she suffered only from a fracture injury. It would be cured, and she turned back on the turf. In the game training mode, Silence Suzuka's final campaign is winning Tenno Sho Autumn. When she achieve, you can hear a special commentary.

Where is Silence Suzuka’s statue?

Later Silence Suzuka Square and his memorial was built in Chukyo, and his 1/1 figure was placed, too. In 2022, Chukyo racecourse held Silence Suzuka AR photo contest.

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