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Frequently Asked Questions

Can signal mirrors be used as signal signals?

Signal mirrors can certainly be used to send information or to signal for tactical operations, but our review and testing has been limited to survival and emergency applications. Any type of reflective device could be used as a signal mirror. When you find yourself in a bind without resources, you make do.

How effective are signal mirrors for search and rescue?

Signal mirrors have unmatched effectiveness for search and rescue operations for how simple and inexpensive they are. A Navy Search and Rescue helicopter pilot listed a signal mirror as the best gear to signal for rescue.

How does a marine use a signal mirror?

A marine uses a signal mirror during training exercises. Back in the late 1980s, an oral surgeon was in the middle of a two-week raft trip down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyo n in Arizona, when disaster struck.

Why did Alan Shepard carry a signal mirror?

In 1960, a Life magazine article by Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard noted that in addition to a battery-operated radio transmitter, he carried a signal mirror to help recovery ships locate him in the ocean [source: Shepard ]. Today, signal mirrors are still recommended to military personnel and adventurers alike as a device to always have on hand.

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