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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a signal mirror and how does it work?

What is a Signal Mirror? A signal mirror is a reflective device that uses the sun or other light source to send a light signal to a second party. Signal mirrors have several applications with their ability to send silent signals long distances without any electronics or moving parts. The two most popular applications are:

How do I use the aim indicator on the signal mirror?

Bring the signal mirror up to eye level while looking through the sighting hole. You will see a bright light spot on the mesh. This is the aim indicator. 3. Hold the mirror close to the eye and slowly turn and manipulate it so that the bright spot (fireball) is on the intended target.

How can I tell if my signal mirror is real?

The real signal mirrors are marked on the back with the mil-spec, "MIL-M-18371E", in the case of S.I. Howard, or "MADE In JAPAN", in the case of Vector 1. You can also take it out in the sun and quickly determine if the aimer really works. Face the sun with the reflective side away from you and hold the mirror up to your eye.

How do retro-reflective signal mirror aimers work?

In a somewhat unintuitive manner, the glass beads of the retro-reflective signal mirror aimers utilize this capability to create a false image of the sun where the mirror will reflect light towards. This is the fireball you see and aim with.

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