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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find angular momentum in physics?

p = m*v. With a bit of a simplification, angular momentum ( L ) is defined as the distance of the object from a rotation axis multiplied by the linear momentum: L = r*p or L = mvr.

What is dimensional formula of angular momentum?

Dimensional Formula of Angular Momentum. The dimensional formula of angular momentum is given by, M 1 L 2 T-1. Where, M = Mass; L = Length; T = Time; Derivation. Angular Momentum = Angular Velocity × Moment of Inertia . . . .

What is its SI unit of angular velocity?

The standard SI unit for angular velocity is radians per second (although that ought to be viewed as the angular speed as there is a vector element too in the form of the axis of rotation). Why where radians per second chosen? The second is fairly obvious - it’s the SI unit for time.

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