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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ultimate actor Shuichi AU?

Ultimate Actor Shuichi AU: Where shuichi goes through the killing game but is an actor and has a different personality + really bad trauma. Also he has a slow burn with Kokichi, this is kind of ousai centered but it’s mostly about shuichi. Cause we love that angsty shit

What happened to Shuichi and Kokichi?

Kokich spent most of his life in a lab, learning to use his powers of deception alongside his other half, Shuichi, when the lab was one day attacked, and a rescue for the two of them was staged. However, Shuichi and Kokichi ended up separated, and twelve years have passed. Kokichi has no clue if Shuichi is even still alive.

What's the story of Shuichi's case?

Shuichi's working a case at his uncle's detective agency, he's the kindest person and loves helping others but during the case something goes wrong now Shuichi is left alone to run the agency and he becomes cold and mean but with a new member joining maybe there just the thing Shuichi needs...

What happened to Shuichi and Hinata Hajime?

Hearing about those circumstances Shuichi abandoned his study journey to return to his partner back in Inazuma, hoping he was fine. Hinata Hajime is a totally normal detective that works in an institution that may or may not study the supernatural. 4 /?

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