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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Shindo Life Wiki?

Shindo Life is a Roblox game developed by group RELL World. It is a Naruto -style game, taking place in a world similar to the game. The Shindo Life Wiki is dedicated to serving as an encyclopedia for Shindo Life and being a resource for the community.

What is the objective of Shindo Life?

Detective Shindo is a police detective who was assigned to protect the Princess of Selgina, Maas Doulina Salno while she visited Japan. He is first seen on screen being assigned by his chief to meet her at the airport when she arrives.

What is the Shindo Scale?

Shindo is the earthquake measurement unit in Japan. We use the Shindo Scale to measure an earhquake's intensity from 1 to 7. Currently, only 5 earthquakes I know are Shindo 7 in Japan. Those are big earthquakes, and destroyed alot of property. To get started, you must read the rules first.

What are the benefits of using modes in Shindo Life?

Modes are Sub-Abilties which provide a temporary boost in stats, as well as a special move in some cases. They drain the MD bar. Hold Z to active your mode.

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