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Frequently Asked Questions

How difficult are Shakespeare's plays to read?

At best, Shakespeare’s plays are bit difficult. At worst, they are a baffling jumble of non-words and should be thrown into the fire immediately. I spend most of my time looking for Shakespeare lines that I can take out of context to suit my own nefarious purposes, so I know this well.

How many plays of Shakespeare are there?

This is our list of the best Shakespeare plays (Updated August 23 2021). We have included his complete works of 37 plays, ranked from best to worst. Coming up with a definitive ranking of top Shakespeare plays was tough.

Is Hamlet Shakespeare's greatest play?

Hamlet, the play voted Shakespeare’s greatest in our survey of more than 300 actors, writers, directors and producers, is thought to have been written between 1599 and 1601, and the four-and-a-half hour epic beat King Lear and the lighter offering of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream to the top spot.

Is King Lear the best Shakespeare play ever?

King Lear is invariably featured in the top 3 of any list of best Shakespeare plays. Like Hamlet, the sheer scope and grandeur of the play separate it from other works.

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