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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some famous people that died in San Francisco?

Russ Nyborg, tugboat captain, bar pilot and winemaker, dies at 84 Joan-Marie Shelley, Lowell High teacher and S.F. union leader, dies at 88 Original Beau Brummels member Declan Mulligan, who helped shape San... Mary Everett, the force behind 47-year-old Berkeley barbecue restaurant...

Who is the oldest city employee in San Francisco?

Shirley Baer -- native San Franciscan Shirley Baer, who was San Francisco's oldest city employee when she retired in 2003, has died of lung cancer at her home in the Stonestown neighborhood. She was 82.

What happened at 2020 Market Street in San Francisco?

The Safeway grocery store at 2020 Market Street is a case study, not just for the recent concerns regarding retail theft in San Francisco, but issues around food accessibility, policing and poverty. This is what happens when a Devin Booker injury takes some steam out of what was billed as the steamiest game of the still-young 2021-22 NBA season.

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