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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use clean master?

However, for everyone not wearing tin-foil hats, Clean Master is likely safe to use. According to — a site run by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University — it has been certified with a grade A, Excellent rating. Snapchat gets a B, for comparison.

Is clean master a good app?

Well, there might be a lot of junk cleaner applications like Clean Master existing at the Play Store, but Clean Master is a good app for junk cleaning on Android. In fact, it offers a better capability to scan and find junk files (ignoring the required files, while giving you the option to remove them as well – manually).

What is a Master dry cleaner?

Master Dry Cleaner is Londons's one-stop-shop for laundry service, dry cleaning and commercial laundry. Master Dry Cleaner gives full laundry service London pick up as well as delivery, commercial laundry service, hand over laundry service and also in-store washing.

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