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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Seong Gi-hun dye his hair red?

Squid Game director reveals the meaning behind Seong Gi-Hun dying his hair red. Picture: Netflix After winning Squid Game in the season finale and an entire year of not spending his prize money, Seong Gi-hun decides to dye his hair bright red. However, we're given no real explanation as to why this happens.

What does Gi-hun's new hairdo mean?

Looking back, Gi-hun's new hairdo foreshadowed his eventual decision to stay in South Korea to enact revenge on those running Squid Game. He clearly still harbors strong indignation against Il-nam, especially since he genuinely trusted and cared for the old man during their time playing the death games.

Why does squid game have red hair?

His red hair symbolizes his anger, as Hwang explained, but it also represents his fierce determination to see the ending of Squid Game for good. While the ending of Squid Game sets up a second season, Hwang says that he has yet to consider making a follow-up.

What happened to Seong Gi-hun’s father in squid game?

One of the yet-to-be answered questions in ‘ Squid Game ’ stems from protagonist Seong Gi-hun’s (Jung-jae Lee) actions after discovering that his friend and father figure from the game, Oh Il-nam or No. 001 (Yeong-su Oh), who he thought is dead, is still alive. Furthermore, he is actually the mastermind behind the game itself.

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