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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a screen saver?

Choose Start→Computer. In the Search box, in the upper-right corner, type *.scr and press Enter. Windows responds with a list of all .scr files — all the screen savers — on your computer. Right-click the screen saver you want to use for the Boss Key and choose Send To→Desktop (Create Shortcut).

How do I select a screen saver?

1Right-click your desktop and choose Personalize to open the Personalization window. Then select the Screen Saver link from the window’s bottom-right corner. 2Click the downward-pointing arrow in the Screen Saver box and select a screen saver. 3If desired, add security by selecting the On Resume, Display Logon Screen check box.

How do you install screen saver?

Installing a screen saver in Windows Download the screen saver. If the download is a .zip or other compressed file, the screen saver files must first be extracted before it can be installed. Run the included executable file (e.g., setup.exe or screen.exe) to begin the setup or installation of the screen saver.

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