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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official religion of Scotland?

5 • RELIGION. The country's dominant religion is the Church of Scotland, a Presbyterian sect. It is commonly known as "the Kirk," and has been Scotland's official religion since 1690. Other religions in Scotland include Catholic, Baptist, Anglican, and Methodist, as well as more modern evangelical sects.

What is Scotland famous for?

Things Scotland is famous for Whisky. With a history dating back as early as the 15th Century, Scottish whisky (not to be confused with whiskey) is one of Scotland's largest exports - 1.28 billion bottles ... Friendly Scots. ... The Highlands. ... The Islands. ... Scottish Wool. ... Haggis. ... Bagpipes. ... Loch Ness Monster. ... Ceilidh Dancing. ... Live Music. ...

Is Scotland a developed country?

Scotland is almost unique in the developed world, holding all the ingredients that contribute towards the creation of wealth, without actually fully enjoying the benefits of it. Other medium sized European countries have used their strengths to become prosperous and successful countries.

What are the laws in Scotland?

Scots law is the legal system of Scotland. It is a hybrid or mixed legal system containing civil law and common law elements, that traces its roots to a number of different historical sources. Together with English law and Northern Irish law, it is one of the three legal systems of the United Kingdom.

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