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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the personality of a scorpion?

Some strong personality traits of the Scorpions are investigative, emotional, dynamic, caring, protective, magnetic, compassionate and probing. They have strong will power and intense concentration. Scorpions are extremely determined, ambitious and persistent.

What are facts about scorpions?

Scorpion Facts. Scorpions are animals that arouse interest in humans for the mere fact of being considered dangerous, poisonous and lethal. But beyond these perceptions, these arthropod arachnids feature some interesting, surprising and relevant facts not only as knowledge but for science as well.

What do animals eat scorpions?

Scorpions in the wild eat other insects and spiders, but will resort to eating fellow scorpions. Scorpions eat animals that they find close by, and female scorpions have been known to eat their own offspring. They even devour larger prey; some varieties can seek out and eat small lizards.

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