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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good science experiment?

The BEST Science Experiments for Kids Mini Baking Soda Rocket. Up first is my mini baking soda powered rocket. ... Skittles Experiment. If you haven't tried the good old skittles experiment where HAVE you been? ... Elephants Toothpaste. ... Colour Changing Potions. ... Chromatography. ... Create a Chain Reaction or Rube Goldberg Machine. ... Lolly Stick Explosion. ... Oobleck. ... Absorbing with Sugar Cubes. ... Bouncy Egg. ...

What are some fun indoor games for kids?

There are games such as chess and billiards which are played indoors. Children love to play outdoor games such as “hide and seek” and “hunter and guard.” Very young children love to play indoor board games. Some games are played for fun while some are competitive games.

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