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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to publish in Advanced Science?

All articles published by Advanced Science are fully open access: immediately freely available to read, download and share. To cover the cost of publishing, Advanced Science charges a publication fee of $5000/£3300/€4163 when a submission is accepted for publication. The journal does not request any additional submission fees.

When do I pay the publication fee for an article?

The publication fee is required to be paid upon acceptance of an article for publication. SCIRP grants discounts on publication fees for authors of Lower- or Middle-Income Countries. Q2: How do I pay the article processing charges to a SCIRP journal?

What is the abbreviation for Science Advances?

Science Advances is the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) open access multidisciplinary journal, publishing impactful research papers and reviews in any area of science, in both disciplinary-specific and broad, interdisciplinary areas. How do you solve a problem like misinformation?

Does SCIRP charge APC or submission fees?

With the APC specified above, the author is given an indication what the APC will be. SCIRP is charging Publication Fees (APC) but not Submission Fees. This is to the benefit to authors because payments are only due once the author knows the manuscript is accepted.

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