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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Science Advances?

Science Advances is the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) open access multidisciplinary journal, publishing impactful research papers and reviews in any area of science, in both disciplinary-specific and broad, interdisciplinary areas.

How bad is the Science Advances submission and review process?

Rejected (im.) Motivation: Dreadful submission process. Poor communication with the editorial office. The manuscript was desk-rejected more than a month after submission, precisely a day after a follow-up inquiry of the status of the submission was made. Motivation: Overall, I found the Science Advances submission and review process pretty decent.

Is science advances the slowest journal in the world?

This is not true, quite the opposite: Science Advances is by far the slowest journal I have ever dealt with. Motivation: The article was in review for over three months, and returned two very thin reviews. These raised no critical issues that would sink the paper, and the editor did not give clear reasons for outright rejection.

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