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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Schweinehund mean?

“schweinehund” means "pig dog". During the Middle Ages, when pigs roam... " Schweinehund ": examples and translations in context See how “Schweinehund ” is translated from German to English with more examples in context

Is Schweinehund a Pigdog?

If you call someone Schweinehund, you literally call him a pigdog, and that is an Insult, so yes. Though almost noone says that. Sauhund might be more common, but is also more something among older People.

Is du Schweinehund an insult?

Nope it is just a personalisation of lazyness. Der innere Schweinehund-the own inactivity/inaction. Du Schweinehund might be seen as an insult, but mostly oit will get you a wired look as it isn’t how the word is used.

Why is Schweinhund considered more offensive than other German words?

The reason why it may be more offensive is that it is commonly used in English Nazi movies as a common insult used in German (which it probably isn’t), e.g. the original Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple II used Schweinhund as one of the words that the Nazis would say.

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