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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy high school sweatshirts and hoodies?

No one offers more customizable high school sweatshirt and high school hoodie styles than Prep Sportswear. When you choose to customize your fan gear and fan apparel you can select your from sweatshirts for all sports including football sweatshirts, baseball sweatshirts and basketball sweatshirts.

What kind of design options do you offer for school sweatshirts?

Rokkitwear offers thousands of print and embroidery design options for your sweatshirts. You can personalize your sweatshirt with your school name, school nickname, established date, your favorite sport, club, team, activity, student organization, design color and much much more!

What is the best app to make hoodies?

With an online hoodie maker, you can focus on creating your hoodie, pullover, or hooded sweatshirt designs and let a printing company like Canva Print take care of translating your designs into an actual printed product. @canva is an incredible app for designing pretty much anything you need!

What size hoodie should I get for my design?

Your smallest hoodie will determine your design size. Youth hooded sweatshirts have a smaller area (around 7” vertical) to imprint a design as compared to adult hooded sweatshirts (around 9” vertical). If you have a large range of youth and adult sizes, then your design may look small as you go up in size (see example).

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