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Frequently Asked Questions

What are teacher resources?

Teacher Resources. Pointers are simple products that make your life a lot easier. Help yourself point to items on your walls, like charts and posters, that are too high for you to reach. By using a pointer, you can hang important items on your walls in higher places, therefore using up more of your hard-to-reach wall space.

What are learning resources for teachers?

Tutorials & Training Resources Education World. They created a complete online resource that educators could visit each day to find high-quality lesson plans and classroom materials. Super Substitute Teachers. ... Sanford Programs. ... Learn Zillion. ... Discovery Education. ... Teaching Channel. ... ...

How do lesson plans help teachers?

Lesson plans help teachers provide an effective learning experience for their students. A lesson plan is the instructor’s road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time. After planning the unit and sequencing the learning experience, the next step focuses on developing individual lessons.

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