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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sauce Labs and how does it work?

What is Sauce Labs? Sauce Labs is a well-known cloud-based testing platform that caters to the test management needs of open-source developing teams and enterprises of all sizes. It provides both manual and automated testing of mobile and web applications for over 800 browsers as well as for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Can I Turn Off my Sauce Labs account?

Sauce Labs integrates with any language, framework and CI system. For information on Enterprise Plans, please contact sales. If you sign up for a Minute Limited Plan and use more than the allowed plan minutes in a month, we will not turn off your account, however you will incur overage charges.

How does testsauce labs run the tests?

Sauce Labs run the tests through metadata, console logs, and Selenium, hence accelerating and optimizing the test process. With automated testing, developers can acquire responses as well as test results as quickly as possible.

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