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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to activate Chase Sapphire card?

The first way to activate the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card is by calling the Chase Sapphire Preferred dedicated activation telephone number: 1-800-925-1794. The second way to activate Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card is by registering at The site will login to your Chase account to activate your new card.

What is the credit score needed for Chase Sapphire?

In order to qualify for a Chase Sapphire credit card, it is recommended that you have excellent credit, with a credit score of at least 740. You will also need to have a solid credit history, solid credit standing, no negative judgments, charge offs, or any other negative financial activity on your credit history.

How do I pay Chase Sapphire online?

You can also go to to make your payments online. Additionally, you can pay your Chase Sapphire Credit Card by phone by calling 1-800-493-3319. If you have other Chase credit cards, you can send the payment to the same address above as there is only one Chase payment address for their portfolio of cards.

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