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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the San Francisco Giants make the playoffs?

San Francisco Clinches. On Monday night, the San Francisco Giants became the first MLB team to clinch a postseason spot 👏. Entering this season, the Giants were projected to win just 75 games, giving them a 1.2% chance of making the playoffs. The four teams below were expected to finish 21st-24th, but as you can see, SF is proving everyone wrong

How much do San Francisco Giants tickets cost?

Tickets to see San Francisco Giants prices in 2020 are listed from high to low. The minimum price you will pay for San Francisco Giants tickets is $6.00 at CloseSeats. No tickets can ne bought or sold under $6.00

Where do the San Francisco Giants play?

You can watch the San Francisco Giants play at Oracle Park, which makes Third and King Streets in the city’s China Basin area ground zero for Bay Area Giants fans. That’s where you’ll find Oracle Park, the Giants’ home field since 2000, and the site of their 2010, 2012, and 2014 World Series victories.

What year did the San Francisco Giants begin play?

The history of the San Francisco Giants begins in 1883 with the New York Gothams and has involved some of baseball's greatest players, including Willie Mays, Juan Marichal, Barry Bonds, and Gaylord Perry.The team has won three World Series titles and six National League (NL) pennants since moving to San Francisco.

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