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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a distribution agreement?

Distribution agreements, also called wholesale distribution agreements, are contracts between a distributor and manufacturer. They allow the distributor to sell, market, and profit from the sales of a manufacturer’s or wholesaler’s product in bulk.

What is a non exclusive distribution agreement?

Non-exclusive distribution agreement (standard) This is a standard-form non-exclusive distribution agreement. Under this agreement, the supplier grants to the distributor the right to distribute products in a particular marketplace. The grant is non-exclusive as the supplier may appoint others to distribute the products in the same marketplace ...

What is mutual distribution agreement?

A mutual distribution agreement under this subsection may provide for distribution of property to a person other than an heir. (b) In a testate estate, a mutual distribution agreement is valid if all the beneficiaries whose interests are affected by the distribution execute the agreement in accordance with the requirements of C.G.S. section 45a-434. If a beneficiary under the will or any current or presumptive remainder beneficiary of a trust established under the will is a charity or ...

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