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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Saline Post Office scan mail?

Anyhow this evening, May 29, the Saline post office sent the package to the Milan post office which forwarded it to the Detroit Regional Distribution Center. The first class packages showed up in Detroit on May 27 - the first time they were scanned. So its clear that Saline MI post office does not scan mail.

Is the Postal Service hiring?

We deliver career opportunities. The Postal Service is actively hiring for full time, part time and seasonal employment. Explore detailed information about some of our top jobs below and find the best fit for you. First time applying? Learn what you need to get started. Get tips for locating jobs in your area. Already know our application process?

How do I apply for USPS jobs?

Our application system is called eCareers — the only place where you can apply for USPS jobs! Search online by keyword, location, functional group. Jobs are posted daily so continue to check back for more. To apply within our eCareers system, you will create a Candidate profile which will save your progress and provide your application status.

Is there a MSGCU branch in Saline?

Michigan Schools and Government Credit Union (MSGCU) is proud to announce the opening of its newest branch office in Saline, which marks the 18th branch location/ Rise offers mental health services to infants, young children, and their parents. Saline Thu. Dec 15 2022 Check out these 12 events coming up this weekend on our calendar. Saline Thu.

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