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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ik culture?

This research provides an examination of Ik culture/practices based on information he gathered during a 1965–66 study. He depicts the Ik as a people forced into individualism to survive.

What is the IK code?

The IK Code was originally defined in European Standard BS EN 50102 (1995, amended 1998). Following its adoption as an international standard in 2002, the European standard was renumbered EN 62262.

Who is IK-group?

Welcome to IK-Group. An innovative supplier of specialist products and services for Pipe and Pipelines, Subsea and Topside We make your operations run safely and profitably. Onshore and Offshore, Topside and Subsea.

What is an IK professional sprayer?

IK professional sprayers are characterized by their manufacture with high quality materials and by their design, conceived by professionals for professionals. The protection of our users is a priority for IK Sprayers.

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