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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Saline High School?

Saline High School, home of the Hornets, is a public high school located in Saline Michigan. Saline High School is part of the Saline Area Schools District and has approximately 1,757 students and 35 varsity sports. Saline High School has won 17 State Championships and most recently won the baseball State Championship in 2017.

Why did you choose Saline High School as your home?

Ask families why they selected Saline as their home, and their top answer, more often than not, will be: "Great schools!" Need proof? Consider that Newsweek magazine recently ranked Saline High School among the nation’s best.Two of our current seniors earned perfect scores on the ACT test.

What is the AP® participation rate at Saline High School?

The AP® participation rate at Saline High School is 58%. The total minority enrollment is 15%, and 13% of students are economically disadvantaged. Saline High School is 1 of 2 high schools in the Saline Area Schools . Saline High School is ranked #755 in the National Rankings.

What extracurricular activities do saline students participate in?

Practically every student, at every level, participates in sports, music, leadership organizations, or other extracurricular activities of high interest and value to them. Saline students are particularly known for their love of running.

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