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Frequently Asked Questions

What is S2 in biology?

S2 Biology. The Biology component of Curriculum for Excellence in S2 is delivered by Biology teachers in two blocks. The first block term lasts about 8 weeks and includes classification and keys, microbiology, inheritance and variation, biotechnology and evolution. Pupils return to the department after their Physics and Chemistry courses...

What is S2 system?

The S2 System basic concept is present information through any browser open within S2 Supervisor network. With Browser, you can obtain an intuitive and graphically all S2 System's operating facilities. To perform all monitoring functions, control and registration of information.

What is S2 material?

Clarion Material Code S2. Primary Use. The Clarion S2 material is our premium .060 (60-mil.) rigid white plastic sign material. It is primarily used for various commercial, industrial and institutional facility signage applications but is suitable for a variety of applications where high performance in an outdoor environment is a requirement.

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