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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Tydus and Ryatt's cousins?

The first, tydus_and_ryatt, she has shared with her brother and the second, indiemae_and_ryattrae, she shared with her cousin. The latter of the two accounts has grown to have more than 20,000 followers. On it, the cousins could be seen wearing matching outfits in many of the photos.

Who are Tydus and Ryatt on Instagram?

His mother Corey handles the video-sharing and publicity whereas his father Travis is responsible for video editing and production. The siblings Tydus and Ryatt are featured in most of the videos of the channel. Add a comment... Instagram At a small age, he has a massive Net Worth of $100K.

Who is Tydus from 'Trav and Cor'?

The couple manages their family 'YouTube' channel, 'Trav and Cor,' which showcases their lives. Tydus is better known as "Mini Jake Paul" and has appeared in several impersonation videos posted on the channel. Tydus has an 'Instagram' page of the same name as his pseudonym, which is managed by his father.

How old is Tydus Talbott?

Tydus Talbott made a debut in the YouTube video since February 2016 when he was snowboarding in South Lake Tahoe. He is the first child of the YouTuber parents Travis and Corey and is also named as Mini Jack Paul. Tydus said he doesn't want to turn 5 years old.. The birthday of Tydus Talbott is on May 24. The age of Tydus Talbott is 8 years.

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