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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a penal colony?

That's standard for the drawn-out process of transferring individuals from temporary detention centers, where they stay as their cases move through the courts, to a prison or penal camp where they serve time if convicted. The penal colonies are a vestige of Russia's past: They were inherited from the former Soviet Union as a vast network of gulags.

What awaits Brittney Griner in Russia's penal colonies?

Russia’s penal colonies are often grim, cramped facilities. Here’s what could await Brittney Griner Link Copied! Russian penal colonies are notoriously overcrowded and often see tough restrictions placed on inmates.

Are Russia's prisons actually penal colonies?

The vast majority of Russia’s prisons are in fact penal colonies, where inmates are housed in barracks instead of cells and are often put to work, according to a report by Poland-based think tank the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW).

What are the inhuman conditions in Russia's penal colonies?

The inhuman conditions in Russian penal colonies have been targeted by former prisoners and human rights activists for years. According to Russia's Federal Penitentiary Service, more than 585,000 prisoners were serving sentences in the country's penal colonies in 2012. An additional 260,000 were held in detention centers.

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