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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for writing in Russian cursive?

Take the regular Russian block alphabet, and write the Russian cursive variant next to it from memory. Do this at the end of the week, and compare your cursive with the correct. If you’ve got all the letters approximately correct, you can continue. Small mistakes in how you write the letter are okay.

Why is learning Russian cursive important?

Cursive is taught in Russian schools. Why? Because you can write it much faster than if you were to write the printed letter. So it’s mainly used for personal letters and school work. And, if you ask any Russian, of course for doctors notes! Basically, almost no Russian writes NOT in cursive when writing by hand.

What is the difference between printed and cursive Russian?

Unlike the cursive of many languages, Russian cursive looks very different from print. Because of this, you can’t always guess the letters unless you’ve already studied them. You may think you know the Russian alphabet, but until you’ve studied cursive, you only know one side of it.

Why is Russian cursive used instead of block letters?

Russian cursive, sometimes called Russian script, is known for being very beautiful. Many of the letters look similar, so when the writing is all together, their size is cohesive and makes a symmetric-looking page. For this same reason, English speakers think it is impossible to read.

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