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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of the Russian flag?

When it comes to the Russian flag colors, they all have a specific and poignant meaning. The white color symbolizes nobility and frankness, the blue for faithfulness, honesty, impeccability, and chastity, and red for courage, generosity, and love. And that is the Russian flag colors meaning!

What is a Russian flag?

The flag of the Russian Federation (Russian: Флаг Российской Федерации, tr. Flag Rossiskoy Federatsii) is a tricolour flag consisting of three equal horizontal fields: white on the top, blue in the middle, and red on the bottom. The flag was first used as an ensign for Russian merchant ships in 1696.

Did Russia put flag on Moon?

Very likely, there’s a Soviet flag on the moon. But these flags were decals on the side of the unmanned Luna and Lunokhod landers, which flew in the 1960s through the mid-1970s. The Russian government space agency, be it under the old Soviet flag or as today’s Russian Federation, have not made a human lunar landing—yet.

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