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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSMeans and how does it work?

RSMeans data is compiled and provided by Gordian, a leading source of construction cost estimating data in the United States. But what is RSMeans? RSMeans is a database of current construction cost estimates. RSMeans includes data for nearly every facet of a construction project, including materials, labor, transportation, and storage.

What is the RSMeans online database?

The RSMeans online database is massive, giving construction cost estimators access to an unprecedented resource for determining construction costs. Containing over 85,000 items across 970 locations in North America, the RSMeans online database provides comprehensive construction cost data for nearly every facet of construction costs.

What is rsrsmeans data?

RSMeans Data is considered as the authoritative source of facility construction, renovation, and repair cost information. Its provision of accurate detailed and trusted services for more than 69 years has led it to be recognized as the North American Standard.

What is RSMeans cost data?

Our RSMeans cost data makes it easy to track labor and material cost changes on all of your construction projects—and you’ll always have the most up-to-date and reliable information right at your fingertips.

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