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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Rs forklifts Training Ltd?

RS Forklifts Training LTD prides its self on its professionalism and first class service. All RS Forklifts staff are trained and come RTITB certified. This course is designed to give the trained and Certificated Forklift Operator whose license is due for renewal a one day refresher course and test to renew his/her license.

Why choose 4Ks forklift training Ltd?

4KS Forklift Training Ltd provides RTITB accredited forklift truck training at our fully approved and accredited training centre in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, West Midlands for candidates who are looking to build their forklift operator career and get a forklift licence.

Why choose forklift training in Birmingham?

While operating a Forklift Training in Birmingham operator needs to stay sharp and avoid any sort of damage to the goods or himself and other employees. It is for this purpose that we have been providing top-rated forklift training for 18 years which meets all RTITB criteria and HSE standards.

How long does it take to complete a forklift training course?

Conversion courses from one lift truck to another are also available to be completed in 1-2 days. As one of the highest rated forklift training providers in the West Midlands as well as having over 18 years’ worth of knowledge to deliver a comprehensive forklift training Birmingham on-site and at our Accredited RTITB training centre in Birmingham.

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