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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roxy Music’s ‘Roxy’ the greatest debut album in history?

Raiding pop culture’s past and present, Roxy Music created not only one of the greatest debut albums in history, but also a landmark work of postmodern art.

What is Roxy Music's 'Virginia Plain' about?

Then there’s “Virginia Plain,” Roxy Music’s debut single, littered with references to movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age: the 1962 Bette Davis and Joan Crawford classic, Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? (“Baby Jane’s in Acapulco…”); Flying Down To Rio, the 1932 movie that first paired Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers on the silver screen (“…

Did Roxy Music write a song about Humphrey Bogart?

“He said, ‘Oh that’s so great – writing a song about a pencil,’” Ferry recalled, adding, “Which is a very Pop Art concept, really – except that I was writing a song about Humphrey Bogart.” Even while paying homage to their own heroes, Roxy Music ensured their own legend was being written.

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