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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roxy Music a good band?

Roxy Music is one of the great art rock bands of all time, and you can view all the best Roxy Music albums right here, including pictures of the album covers. Fronted by the fantastic singer Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music released some interesting music throughout their career—complete with wild guitar riffs and even funky keyboards.

Is Roxy Music's Siren a good album?

As the final album of Roxy Music’s first tenure, Siren is certainly better than its position on this list might make it seem at a glance. The album, after all, holds the band’s greatest dance track, ‘Love is the Drug’, which to this day remains the groups biggest hit.

Is Avalon Roxy Music's final album?

Until news of their upcoming new release, Avalon was long-seen as an appropriate final studio album from Roxy Music.

What was the first Roxy Music album after Brian Eno's departure?

“The first Roxy Music album after the departure of Brian Eno. Stranded, is an excellent record, it still retains that art-rock sound, although, in truth, it doesn’t quite have that quirky edge that the first two Roxy LP’s did. Still, there sure some superb tracks.

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