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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ronzoni pasta?

Ronzoni | Discover all of our Delicious Pasta Products | Ronzoni®… Derived from the Latin "manica" for "sleeve" or "little muffs"; these are large tubular-shaped pasta, typically stuffed and baked. Manicotti are undercooked, then stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetable fillings, covered with sauce, then oven baked until pasta is done.

What is the replacement for Ronzoni?

Replaced Ronzoni name in Canada since October 13, 2013. Lancia - Acquired from Borden in 2001. ^ "Search Business Entity". Pennsylvania Department of State. Retrieved 2020-03-14.

Why was Ronzoni Pastina discontinued?

On December 29, 2022, Snopes reported on the discontinuation of Ronzoni's pastina, stating the brand had shared with customers that the pasta was discontinued due to "insufficient sales." Food manufacturer 8th Avenue, which is responsible for producing Ronzoni pasta, among items for other brands, sent Tasting Table a statement refuting this claim.

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